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West Bromwich Gymnastics & Trampoline Club

Wood Green Academy

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West Midlands

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Our club rules

a. Gymnastics is an enjoyable, lively and dynamic sport for boys and girls BUT is also a sport that presents inherent risks. Therefore:

We expect parents and guardians to help the club to avoid exposing gymnasts to unnecessary risk by notifying the coach of any illness, injury or impairments that the gymnast has. The coach will advise whether the gymnast needs to be seen by a doctor and a medical opinion about their involvement in the sport be sought. This action is vital to ensure that we do everything possible to safeguard the health and safety of gymnasts.


b. Gymnastic activities, equipment and environments are hazardous even when the coach (and those helping) take prudent action to prevent gymnasts and spectators coming to harm. Therefore:

• DO NOT DO ANYTHING that may distract either the gymnasts or the coaches during training, events or competitions, such as
- walking onto the training area unless asked to by a coach,
- perform gymnastics unless instructed to by a coach (or their helper),
- climbing on or using West Bromwich’s gymnastic equipment or environments without the supervision of a qualified coach,
- engaging with, calling to or making persistent or sudden noises when gymnasts and coaches are working.

1.  Hair must be kept securely off the face at all times.  

No hair adornments or jewels of any kind can be worn during training or performing.


Trainers with socks and sweatshirts/tracksuit bottoms should be supplied for outdoor training and to keep gymnasts warm.

Catsuits, Leotards, Leaotards with leggings or shorts.
Leggings or Shorts with Leaotards.
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